Cancerogenic food you should never consume. EVER!

We read that more processed foods, foods found in cans that are processed and added with stuff to make them last longer, are really bad for your health.

But, here’s a list, according to the American Institute for Cancer of foods you should definitely avoid, because they could cause cancerogenic cells to develop.

1. Smoked and cured foods – these foods are filled with nitrates, that have a function of preservation and keeping food from spoiling. They also add colors.

When they are cooked, they change into N-nitroso compounds (nitrosamines and nitrosamides) which are associated with an increase in risk for getting cancer.

2. GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms have invaded our food lately so much, that you could rarely buy fresh veggies and fruits without the risk of GMO.

3. Farmed fish – farmed fish are way higher in the amount of chemical pollutants than contain than sea fish our wild river fish. And also, because in fish farms is overcrowded, the fish themselves are more prune to diseases and also, to sea lice. This means they are treated with antibiotics and pesticides

4. Non organic fruits and vegetables – GMO seeds, pesticides and herbicides are the starter pack of todays “garden on your plate”. Unfortunately, all of these are hazardous to your health

5. Hydrogenated oils – “trans fates”, as they’re simply known, are a man-made and hazardous product to eat. The Harvard School of Public Health announced that “ trans-fats promote immune system over-activity and inflammation and are linked to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, among other chronic diseases. In addition to being chemically extracted from their source, chemicals are also used to mask the odor and change the taste of the oil”.

6. Processed foods – processed foods, as we’ve mentioned in the beginning, are filled with substances such as nitrites to be able to “be fresh” for a longer period of time. They are also full of colors, trans-fat, sugar, white flour….and non of these ingredients is a plus for your healthy organism.

7. Soda – not only soda makes you bloated, it also takes out the vitamins and minerals from your body! You can say exactly the same for sports drinks, though they’re promoted as a healthier version of soda. They both contain

corn syrup, sugar, dyes, aspartame and other toxic chemicals.

8. BPA lines cans – laboratory studies linked BPA with cancerogenic cells, developed in animal tissue. They could also be the cause of diabetes, infertility and obesity. Don’t buy canned items if they’re not BPA free on the back of the can!

9. Microwave popcorn – lately it has been scientifically proven that the microwave is not as safe to use at your household as it is fast. But also in this case, the bags used for the microwave popcorn contain perfluoroalkyls, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) to prevent oil from soaking through the packaging.

When these ingredients are heated, they go directly with the oil into the popcorn. PFOS have been linked to prostate cancer and cancer, tested on animal tissue.

10. Soy protein isolate – according to the American Dietetic Association “ soy protein isolates are known to contain anti-nutrients that can develop or delay the body’s ability to digest food and absorb the nutrients into the blood stream.

Soy goes through a highly industrial manufacturing process of acid washing in aluminum tanks, and aluminum is highly toxic to the nervous system and kidneys”.

According to the latest scientific researches, majority of the cancer development in human tissue could be prevented just by changing your diet and adding up exercise in your life.

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