7 Incredibly True Warning Signs Of Stroke !

A stroke is very common for people above their 40’s. however, statistics show alarming results that the strokes have increased even among younger population, mostly due to excessive use of technology.

So basically, a stroke can happen to anyone – more than a third of the hospitalized patients who survived a stroke are less than 60 years of age!

Time and early spotting of the signs is crucial when it comes to stroke. If it is spotted and treated within an hour, it can prevent the death or the long-term disability of the individual.

Here are the most visible and true signs that you or an individual is about to have a stroke and you should call 911 immediately.

Weakness in the arm

Weakness or numbness in the body parts is usual for people who are experiencing early signs of a stroke. If the numbness or weakness signs are concentrated on one side of the body especially, that is a 100% sure sign that the person experiencing it will have a stroke.

Face drooping

If one side of your face looks droopy, try to smile. If your smile is uneven or lopsided, that’s a sure sign of stroke.

Difficulty speaking

If you have a problem being understood, and you are not experiencing any tooth problems, try to repeat what you’re saying unclearly, but clear this time. If you’re unable to do that and repeat the slurring, call 911.

Changes in your vision

If you feel sudden changes in your vision, such as seing double, blindness in one eye or foggy vision, it is a sign of an impending stroke.


If you just can’t remember what you were about to say, or feel lost while in a basic conversation with your friends and family, it is another serious sign of stroke.

Severe and sudden headaches

You should always check this symptom along with tome others from the list, just to be sure and not to overburden the emergency line.

Problems with the balance

Try walking a straight line. If you’re unable to do it, try another test which is trying to touch your index finger to the tip of your nose. If you’re also unable to do this, then it’s time to call for help.

If you’re experiencing the three most symptomatic and severe signs of stroke, which are face drooping, arm weakness and speech difficulty – don’t hesitate to ask for help immediately! These three signs are a 100% match that a person is having a stroke in about an hour!

Remember that with stroke – time is of crucial meaning and essence. Don’t hesitate to ask for help even if it later shows you were wrong. Better safe than sorry, right?

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