Did You Know That VapoRub Is The Cure For This Condition???

The VapoRub is a product that almost every American household has. Even if you didn’t buy it for a long time, search for it – you probably have it somewhere around the house. It’s a good thing the VapoRub doesn’t expire.

The famous mint-scented cream does wonders for a running nose, chronic coughs and congestions. The three main ingredients – eucalyptus oil, camphor and menthol cause this effect.

But, did you know that this amazing cream has other benefits for your body and health and can treat different conditions than just these?

VapoRub helps with earaches.

All you have to do Is rub some of the cream on a cotton ball, place it in the ear and let it sit overnight. The annoying pain, similar to the toothache will be gone and you could get a good night rest and go to the doctor fist thing in the morning.

Repels bugs

While menthol and eucalyptus are a refreshing and soothing smell for us humans, it’s not the same with bugs and mosquitos. Also, if you have bug or ant issues at home – put VapoRub cream at those areas to prevent their attacks.

Fungus on toes

If you’re suffering from fungus infection on your feet or nails, rub them 2 or 3 times per day with VapoRub cream to eliminate the fungus infection

Cracked heels

Another benefit for your feet from this awesome cream! To treat this condition, rub VapoRub on your cracked heels and massage them, right before going to bed. You can put some socks at the end. The eucalyptus oil makes the skin smoother, and in the morning, you will be able to peel the dead skin with a pumice stone while you’re having a morning shower.

Helps with headaches

If you put some of the VapoRub cream on your sinuses or just below your nostrils, you will cure a headache at the very beginning! Just breath and relax, while the soothing smell of the VapoRub works its natural magic.

Heals minor bruises

You can speed up the healing process of bruises with simply applying VapoRub on the spot. This can also work for minor cuts, just don’t apply the cream on a fresh cut!

Muscle aches

If you ever had a problem with your joints or a twisted ankle and got a special cream for the injury, you probably noticed the same odor as in VapoRub. To save money, just apply VapoRub and gently massage the injured spot.

Could you ever have guessed that this cream could have so much more benefits for your health? Never underestimate the good old VapoRub cream and always have it somewhere around your home.

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