Did you know? The color of your Iris speaks about your personality

People talk about the eyes are the window of your soul. Also Your eye color may actually play a role in your personality. I was not believe at first, but after reading the evidence, I’m sold.

Brown eyes.

People with darker eyes is born to be leaders.. They are seen as being more trustworthy than their blue eyed counterparts. Which brings me to our next eye color…

Blue eyes.

Oh, the sneaky, untrustworthy blue eyed people.

Maybe so, but people with blue eyes were found to have great inner strength, and women in particular were found to deal with pain, anxiety, and depression better.

Gray eyes.

Gray eyes aren’t actually gray at all, but a less vibrant version of blue. Gray eyed people are incredibly rare. They tend to be balanced people, but are difficult to try to control.

They tend to put up barriers.

Hazel eyes.

This people  with hazel eyes, while among the most beautiful eyes, are prone to anxiety and don’t tolerate pain as well. This shade of eye color is also rather rare, leaving them understudied.

They’re thought to be more confident, independent, and spunky.

Green eyes.

And finally, the people with green eyes. These people are in a similar category as gray eyed people.

They’re actually more prone to melanoma and macular generation as well. They tend to be more alluring and mysterious – even s**y.
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