How To Detect Negative Energy At Home With Help Of A Glass Of Water?

Many people try numerous methods to detect whether they have a negative energy home. Today, we will show you the simplest way to detect such energies, and at the same time, if you have them, clean them up to renew your harmony in your family.

Wherever you live, you provide certain types of energy in your surrounding area. Our homes are a joint place where energy meets. These can be our feelings, thoughts and emotions – they all transmit a specific type of energy but also attract some others! For example, some family members, neighbors, or visitors may enter in our homes with negative external energy, which later affects the mood of all people and their general good.
The remnants of these energies can result in negative emotions, sadness, depression, bad thoughts and events, or can contribute to a large amount of unwanted stress in the home

Your home is like a sponge. All that is happening is absorbed in space, walls, furniture, wallpaper, ceiling, as well as in all the premises in the room. Often these negative energies accumulate at angles or unavailable locations. Also, if you have had a negative event in the family, such as illness or death, and as a result of that much sadness and fear, immediately access the cleaning of your home!

Once you enter your house, negative energies immediately begin to affect the lives of inmates. They can do a lot of damage in the process, causing the impoverishment of the budget, destroy relationships between people and completely destroy the family harmony. As a result, you will feel anxiousness, discomfort and loss of physical strength, which can lead to a decline in your will to life. It is important to add that these symptoms do not have to be visible at all in the previous period and therefore it is good to know how to detect the presence of these energy at home.


Take a plain transparent glass and place 1/3 of salt in it, so some salt amounts to 1: 3 of the same glass. Then pour the same amount of water, i.e. 1/3; and finally – 1/3 of white alcohol vinegar. Put your glass where you think the negative energy is the strongest.

Let the glass be hidden, so nobody touches or moves, and it stays for 24 hours in that place. After 24 hours, check the glass: is it the kind you left her? If it is, you have no negative energy in that room. Try again with another room to see what’s going to happen.

If, however, in the glass obscure some stains or lots of bubbles, it is the result of energy problems. In that case, repeat the process with a new glass until these signs of negative energy are over.
It is important that you pour this water later in the toilet bowl and immediately wash it! It will completely clean up all the negative energy that is absorbed in your home.
Repeat the process until the water in the glass is the same as you left it.