Identify a Horrible Disease By a Simple Hand Examination !

The disease of the 21st century is most definitely – Cancer.

There is a rise-up in the cancer cases all over the world. And what is most terrible thing about this disease is the fact it is, as we say, a “silent killer” – you don’t feel pain or other symptoms until your body and immune system crashes suddenly, when in most of the cases is unfortunately, too late.

But, did you know that you can determine early signs of cancer by a simple examination of your own hand and wrists?

Swollen hands

Can be an early sign of cancer, because cancer can make swellings and bloating all over the body, and those swellings can vary and change places. It’s better to contact your doctor, just as a prevention.

Dry cracks in the hands

If you’re not a carpenter or a construction worker or have any other reason to have cracked hands, it might be an early sign of cancer. Especially if the dry skin and cracks are manifesting on the back of the hands and if there are places that seem discolored.

Pain in the hands

If you feel pain in your wrists and bones of the hands without any particular reason, you might also want to get a doctors second opinion, just in case.

Shaking hands and numb fingers

Cancer can often be the cause of bad circulation, and since the fingers and hands are one of the furthest organs from the heart, they can suffer first. Feeling shaky and having cold or even numb fingers can also be an early sign of cancer.

If parallel with these you feel fatigue all the time, irritated with no reason, have a cough that simply won’t go away and are experiencing a weight loss, you should definitely schedule an appointment with an oncologist.