Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail !

A person’s palms and hands are as wise as their eyes – they show off their personality and intentions. However, palmistry is forgotten or called a pseudo -science, because of its wrong interpretation in movies and cartoons lately.

However, firstly you can try this trick on yourself and your closest people, and see if it’s true.

Put your palms together and spread them, just like you do when you’re washing your face. Now, put some close attention to the lines carved onto your palms. Ask your partner to do the same.

If the lines are at the same level.


That means your partner has some serious intentions about you and where your life and relationship is going together. It also means that he/she is a rational person and probably won’t like too much excitement and adventures in your life together. You are at peace with a partner like this.

If the line on the left hand is lower.


Your partner is a wise person, who appreciates love, affection and romance. However, at the same time, this person is very stubborn, spiritual and independent from social rules. If you like to live in a world of your own, than this is the right partner for you.

If the line on the left hand is higher.


I am sorry, but this person is definitely not a mature type for a relationship. If you want your future life to be constantly full of over watching and guiding every step your partner takes, living in insecurity, this is how it would be with this person. These people are very self-motivated, you can say also a bit selfish and are good for other things in life, but not partnership, love and raising a family.