The Mistake You’re Making With Lemon Water !

Starting off the day with a glass of fresh lemon squeezed juice mixed with warm water might be the best natural remedy for boosting up your immune system and also a great detox for your body and all those gasses and bacteria that tend to attack the organism during the night.

However, using this drink should be paused from time to time because there’s also a problem if you make your pH environment too acidic, which can happen from overload of soar tastes.

Lemons are the natural vitamin C producers and are loaded with a bunch of other healthy benefits. Lemon also contains magnesium, copper and potassium, all essentially needed for a healthy body and metabolism.

They are very refreshing and invigorating, not to mention, they keep your body protected from flu and other bacteria that might attack your health especially at this time of the year, when the Autumn is starting.

One single cup of fresh lemon juice mixed with just a little water provides 187% of the daily recommended serving of vitamins! All that in one single fruit, can you imagine?

But, here’s the mistake you’re making with lemon water!

Did you know that the lemon peel is actually one of the most nutritious parts of the lemon and you should never peel the lemon, or throw away the squeezed lemon peel.

Here’s the ideal lemon water recipe.

Take 2-3 organic lemons and wash them off very carefully, because you’re going to use the lemon peel this time as well. Slice them on pieces, whatever way you like, and squeeze them into warm water.

Then, grate some of the zest of the squeezed slices into your lemon water drink, placing the remaining of the un-squeezed lemon slices in a blender bottle, or a mug.

Fill them up with warm water, letting them stay and extract more juice for the next time you’ll drink your lemon water drink.

Making this minor difference in your daily routine will me a major positive energy and health boost for your body. Enjoy the natural bitter lemon drink every morning and stay healthy!

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