The Power Of Salt And Vinegar Mixture !

Do you believe in energies? No matter – science and several ancient philosophies have actually proved that energy exists. Also, energy can be divided into positive or negative energy, similar as the polarities.

What is negative energy?

Negative energy pollutes the soul and spirit, the positive thoughts and well-being. Negative energy is very similar to shock waves, because the echo of negative energy can affect all the most loving people from your closest circle, and also, your home. Feng Shui,

Buddhism and Taoism are certain Eastern philosophies that focus on sensing and removing the negative energy from your home. If you feel exhausted the minute you enter your home, or you feel the urge to fight, stressed out, lethargic, you feel uninspired and drained out, there is negative energy in your house.

Luckily, there is a very easy way to get rid of it!

Just mix sea salt (not crushed) with clear water and white vinegar in a completely transparent glass. Alchemists stated in many books and writings that the salt water is a spiritual remedy that can counteract the harmful unseen black negative energy and completely drain it out of the system and the house.

You should put the glass in the area of your home where you mostly spend time in, and also, in a place where it can not be seen or easily spotted – like the living room or the working space. It is important to leave it there without moving it for 24 hours.

After this period has passed, examine the glass.

If it is as you left it – there are no negative energies.

If the level in the glass has increased or the glass has smudges – you have strong and possibly negative energies in your house.

What should you do in this case? Just leave another freshly prepared salt water glass until you find the glass clear and untouched!

After 24 hours, examine the glass – if it’s just like you left it, there are no negative energies in that room.  

However, if its level has increased, the water has simply overflowed, or if the glass has smudges and is clearly not like you left it, it is a result of energy problems. In this case, repeat the procedure again with a new glass, and continue to repeat until it’s as clean as you left it.