The Right Way To Change a Sanitary Pad !

There is a right and wrong way of using every product. There is a right way of using and changing a sanitary pad as well.

It doesn’t matter which age you are – reading this can be really helpful, because you never know when is the time to learn something new. We learn all our life, right?

First of all, the little nylon bag in which the pad is very nicely packed, isn’t there just for making the pads fancy.

It’s there to keep the pad untouched, the scent of the pad fresh, but most of all – it’s a trash bag for the pad you’re throwing to put a new pad! Amazing right? I bet many of you didn’t know this fact.

The old, used pad is taken off your panties by grabbing the clean edge, or simply – the wings if your pad has them. Then, you just roll the used bloody pad in a roll, from the sticky side out and place it in the nylon bag, or wrap the nylon over the wrapped pad.

ALWAYS throw the pad in the trash can, or if there isn’t one, just take it with you until you find one. Don’t ever throw it inside the toilet. You can shut the pipes because the pad is not degradable, and also, pollute the environment.

When you take out your new pad, don’t ever touch it in the middle, no matter what kind of pad you’re using – a daytime, a night time, a classic one with wings etc.

The middle part of the pad is the most important part of the pad, touching your most sensitive parts of the intimate. You want it to be very clean!

Then, remove the paper stuff out of the sticky parts of the pad and stick it to the center of your panties, touching the upper and down corners of the pad and firmly adjusting it.

When you’re in your period, avoid wearing too tight or too loose panties. Also, avoid wearing panties that are too opened up, cause that might bring you leaks.

At the end, make sure to always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom!