White Vinegar Is A Gardener’s Best Friend. Here Are 11 Clever Uses In The Garden

Being organic in every way is possible is the new trend these days. People use organic food to digest, organic products for beauty and makeup and apply organic methods of farming. This is the reason people don’t like to use toxic chemicals like artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. Now there are tips and tricks to grow food organically, but there is no complete solution for the pest problem. Therefore, experts recommend the use of vinegar, which acts as a great lifesaver for plants. In addition, white vinegar forms a great alternative for artificial toxins as it kills weeds and keeps the plant safe and protected


11 Uses for Vinegar:

1.Weed elimination

Gardening is all about keeping the plants trimmed and removing the excess growth that appears in the plant. For instance, when our hair grows longer and out of proportion, we are told to cut and trim it down. This is because unwanted growth doesn’t look nice. The same goes with the plants. The unwanted growth of the plants is eliminated by pouring apple vinegar onto the weeds of the plants

2. Medium for food

There are certain plants which grow beautifully under the influence of vinegar. Some of the greatest examples are rhododendrons, hydrangea. Plants like azaleas, grow beautifully under the influence of acidic soil, so all you need to do is mixing a cup of white vinegar and one gallon of water to make the plants mentioned above grow beautifully.

3. Removes flies

When vinegar is mixed with the combination of sugar, water, and molasses then it forms a beautiful component that can keep fruit flies and household flies away. Once the solution is prepared, place it just above the top of the plant and whenever a fly tries to sit over the plant, it will get trapped automatically

4. Cleanses allergens

Your hands can get dirty when you spend longs hours working in your garden. They can get itchy and this can be annoying, so to avoid this, gardening experts recommend the use of distilled vinegar to wash your hands.

5. Rabbits away

If you don’t like rabbits meddling in your garden, white vinegar can be the solution. All you need to do is take some vinegar and damp a cotton ball and once you are done, place the cotton ball in a container and pokes holes on the top of the container. This will keep your rabbits away.

6. Ant killer

Vinegar can also act as an ant killer. All you need to do is to take some vinegar and water. Make a mixture and spray on the areas where you have ants. This is a great solution to keep ants at bay

7. Garden tools

Garden tools tend to get dirty when used for longer periods of time. They to get rusty and dirty as time passes by. Therefore, in order to mitigate this situation, take a plastic bag and fill it with water and vinegar. Put your tools in the plastic bag. This is will clear out the rust from the gardening tools

8. Slugs and snails

Slugs and snails act as one of the major hindrances of plant growth. They tend to stop the plant growth by eating the leaves away, so in order to kill and make them wither, make use on undiluted vinegar on the plant

9. Birdbath

Birdbath is an artificial pool created by gardeners, to make the birds drink, cool and bathe themselves. They tend to develop rust over longer periods of time, therefore, you can use white vinegar and some distilled water to move the dirt, rust and dust way from your birdbath.

10. Kitty away

If your favorite kitten is using your kids sandbox as a toilet, then keep some unstilled vinegar to keep the kittens away from the sandbox.

11. Fresh flowers
Make the life of the freshly cut flowers longer by adding two tablespoons of vinegar. This will automatically increase the life of the freshly cut flowers. Besides, adding a pinch on sugar to make it more active.

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