10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re a Lazybones

Most of us want to be slim and fit, but the numerous diets we’ve tried are torturous, and their effect disappears very quickly after we go back to our usual diet. Besides, with the rhythm of our life and all our work, studies, and multiple chores, we can hardly think about exercise.

But don’t fall into despair! Bright Side did some research and found tips that will help you to shed some pounds with no effort, no diets, and no exercises. Read and remember.


1. Don’t forget to drink.

You know that water is life, and you drink it at times. But you have probably never thought how helpful it can be for your metabolism if you drink it at the right time. It’s best for you to drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes before every meal. In this way, your metabolic processes will have a fresh start, and your stomach will be partly filled, helping you to eat less. This hydration regime will also lessen your sweet tooth and prevent you from raiding the fridge.

2. Pay attention to your food.

Make eating a small ritual. It really won’t take much of your time. Sit down at the table, don’t rush, don’t try to multitask, don’t think about problems, don’t watch TV, and don’t talk on the phone. It’s only you and your food. Be mindful of what you eat and how you do it. This will help you to taste your food more clearly and eat much less. Eat as slowly as you can.

3. Use a smaller plate and chopsticks.

To avoid thinking too much about the size of your portion, take a smaller plate, and eat only the amount of food that it can hold. When using chopsticks, you eat more slowly, and this will help you to feel full with a smaller amount of food. If you have any problems with chopsticks, just use a small spoon or your nondominant hand.

4. Sleep more.

We are not joking. Now you have the perfect excuse to stay in bed for longer since it’s part of your diet. If you sleep, you don’t eat. Besides, a good night’s sleep has a great impact on good metabolism and the right hormone levels that help you stay fit. And you’re not really doing nothing while sleeping because your body is burning between 50 and 100 calories per hour.

5. Sleep in the cold.

All you have to do here is turn down your thermostat or open the window. Research from the National Institutes of Health says that sleeping with a temperature of 19°C (66°F) helps your body get rid of calories as it burns fat to maintain its temperature.

6. Add some fat burners.

You don’t have to give up on your usual food. Just diversify your menu with salmon, eggs, nuts, olive oil, hot peppers, and green tea. They will help to boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently. And even the scents of citrus or peppermint can reduce your appetite, so don’t neglect them.

7. Forget prohibitions.

If you want to eat a cookie or some chocolate, do it. Just eat one instead of 3 or 5, and eat it in the morning to have enough time to burn all those calories during the day. Strict prohibitions are not good as they cause stress and, as a result, a higher level of bad hormones. Besides, you blame yourself if you break them. Science is on your side here!

8. Brush your teeth.

We are sure that you already do it at least twice a day, so it’s not going to be hard for you. Make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal. That will prevent you from going for one more portion of food. First, because food doesn’t taste very delicious when you have a menthol flavor in your mouth. Second, because we are too lazy to brush our teeth multiple times after every meal, right?

9. Laugh!

We bet you like comedies! According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, when we laugh, our energy expenditure increases by up to 20% above resting. Besides, it makes our abdominal muscles work! So what’s your favorite comedy show? Turn it on, and start “exercising.”

10. Use hot compresses.

Here is one method to help you lose weight while you are watching TV or reading a book. Heating makes you sweat, thus you get rid of unnecessary liquid in your body. Use hot compresses if you want to influence the size of particular parts of your body. Amongst the most popular are salt or ginger compresses. To increase the effect and keep your compress hot for longer, you can use a hair dryer.

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