A night gal bra you can actually afford

Blame it on Hollywood, or is it just the backless dress that’s so astonishing? This ageless dress, wore by many aristocratic women even in the 1930s is still an absolute perfect piece for a wedding, gala event or some other special occasion.

There’s only one problem – the dress itself doesn’t “allow” you to wear your regular bra, because it just doesn’t fir right. However, mass production and promoting capitalistic ideas of the 21st century can leave this problem in the past.

You don’t even need to pay big money for a new bra, you can even do it yourself in your home!

So basically you are going to need :

  • An old bra
  • Some scissors
  • Pins
  • A basic sewing kit

Next, you have two options – whether you want a bra that you could take off and wear it with another dress, or a built in bra in your backless dress.

If you like THE BUILT IN VERSION , you could start off with trying on your backless dress and than deciding whether you want to cut out each cup individually, or just cut the sides off, leaving the cups connected in the middle.

Or, you can just simply leave most of the bra untouched, cutting off just the back, visible, annoying strap. After choosing one of this options, fix the bra onto the backless dress with pins and try it once more, but be careful not to hurt yourself.

Once you place it perfectly, sew it in with a few stitches (you don’t need to sew all the ends of the bra in the dress).

An even less complicated method for the built-in version of a bra in the backless dress is to just sew the inside of the cups, the built-in cups you could find in almost 99% of the bras.

Than, repeat the procedure, just adding the soft insides of the cups on the place your bra should be. Easy as one, two, three!

If you choose to make a bra you could use with backless dresses, backless shirts and similar pieces of clothing, here’s what you are going to need to do:

FIRST STEP: Cut the shoulder strap on the place it’s connected to the back side of your bra.


SECOND STEP: Cut the edge of the back strap right next to the breasts cup, where it’s connected. Than, just do the same with the other shoulder strap.


THIRD STEP: Pin the shoulder straps that are now loose on one side, to the breast cups – on the bottom. First, make sure they fit your size, along with the cuttings of the dress.

FOURTH STEP: Sew the shoulder straps on the place where you connected them with the pins.

FINAL STEP: Give it a try and tell us just how amazing you look like with a photo in the comments below!