Are you healthy according to your belly button’s looks?

The belly button is the most typical trademark of humanity – the place where you were once connected with your mother, where you ate from and grew in the uterus. Depending on how it healed, though each one is quite unique,  there are different types of belly buttons.

Little bulge – it is believed in the native medicine that these people have a tendency to get the flu

Tucked navel – traditionally, it is said that these individuals have weight problems, connected with constipation and indigestion

Bulged with a U-form – this type of belly button indicates a person’s risk and tendency to kidney and skin diseases. Also, on the bright side, if the mother has this type of belly button, she is less likely to give birth to a child with genetic abnormalities

Almond-shaped – people with this type of belly button have a tendency for migraines, bone weakness and muscle pain

Bulged button belly – individuals that have this type of belly button is believed to be prune to hernia

The shape of your belly button and your PERSONALITY

Big belly button – if you describe yours as a big belly button, you are probably “the lucky one”! you probably had your set of fails and mistakes while you were young, but that’s why success came in your life, especially if you’re above your 40s.

Shallow belly button – if you have a shallow and also small belly button, it indicates your negativity and hidden weakness. Try to be more supporting to yourself and also, cheer up a bit!

Round belly button – deep, yet round belly button tells that you’re probably a really positive and optimistic, cheerful person. You have a good social status, that comes thanks to your sociability and ability to communicate. Probably you are very “lucky” in a materialistic matter of speaking as well

Upward belly button – if your belly button is deep and big, also facing upwards, it means you’re cheerful and energetic, aiming “high and up” in your life, reaching for success

Downward belly button – if your belly button is faced more downwards, it indicates that you’re probably a “procrastinator” and want to leave unfinished business, mostly because you have a low energy vibration and are not quite sure exactly where you want to lead your life and choices

Wide belly button – if your belly button is stretchy and wide, you are strong with your will and vigilant.

Circular belly button – this shape of belly button shows that you are probably not a person who can “survive on it’s own”, because you are almost always in love. If it breaks apart, you are not afraid to reach for a new one. Thought, you should be more watchful of your overall health image, because you’re likely prune to illnesses

Oval shaped belly button– you are probably a very nervous and anxious person if you have this type of belly button. Your overthinking ruined so many good chances in your life for you. Be more confident and try some meditation and stress management techniques.

Protruding belly button – this type indicates stubborn character

So did you already figure out where do you belong and do you think this is true for you?

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