She Planted These Tea Bags In Her Garden, and What Happened Is Beyond Incredible

You probably throw away the tea bags after you drink your tea, but this will change after you read this article. Here we will tell you about many useful things you can do with tea bags.

Firstly and most importantly we will tell you how to reuse the tea bags by planting them into the soil. You should definitely know this trick even if you are not a gardener, just in case you want to plant something in your garden or backyard. You might have not heard but if you plant tea bags in the soil they will provide nitrogen-rich nutrients to your homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Before you put them in the soil you want to be sure that the bags don’t contain plastic or waxy film on them. The best option is to plant them just a few inches below the plant you are willing to plant. If you are not sure if the tea bags are compostable, you have a choice and you can either check by putting the bags into the soil and wait for a couple of weeks or you can put the content from the bag into the soil and throw away the bag.

We feel that you will love this natural, free and healthy fertilizer, so be open to try it!

For tired eyes

Black tea, or more accurate the tannin of this tea are very effective in reducing the swelling around the eye. In order to use the effectiveness, put the bags in water and let them stay on the eyelids for a few minutes.


If you have some minor burn, wet tea bag can help you heal it, by putting the bag on the burn.

Shoe Freshener

If you want your shoes to smell good you have to  put some tea bags in them, so that you avoid the odor to spread.

Dish washer

If you can’t clean a dish from food leftovers, put tea bag in the dish filled with water for a few minutes.

Removes the onion smell from your hands

When you are cooking and you use onion, the smell of the onion is all over your hands and it’s can hardly be removed with soap. Then you should take  a tea bag and wash your hands with it.