Take out that Avocado Pit from the garbage can!

Avocados have became a trend lately. But they’re also America’s most popular fruit. They are rich with healthy, monosaturated fats, which burn way more easily than fats found in meat.

Including avocados in your everyday diet can be a huge health benefit for your whole organism, because of healthy fats as well as potassium. But if the inside is so healthy, the outside must be as well, by some logic. Agree?

The avocado pit is also a very nutritious part of this super healthy fruit. Here are some of the benefits from using the avocado pit instead of throwing it away with the rest of your garbage.

1. Anti -cancerogenic value. In a conducted study, published in Pharmaceutical Biology was noted that “ ethanol extracts of the fruit and seeds were successfully used against Jurkat lymphoblastic leukemia cells in the lab.

Researchers found the extract functioned as a proapoptotic compound, killing the leukemia cells through an oxidative stress mechanism”. Also, in an animal study that took place, anti tumor activity by the biscatechin, contained in the avocado pit, was also scientifically proven.

2. Anti-aging value. The monosaturated fats are contained not only in the avocado, but also in its pit. They are rich with antioxidants that lead to reduction of the free radical damage that causes aging and other illnesses.

By reducing blood glucose levels and thus, maintaining healthy body weight, you also tend to be more energetic and have “healthy, clear energy”. On this subject you can also use the avocado seeds.

First you need to dry them, than combine them with banana and olive oil, or avocado and lemon juice. That’s a DIY face mask that is used for exofoliating dead skin cells from the surface of your face, making it look younger and smoother!

3. Antioxidant value. Polyphenols, which are contained mostly in plant foods, are actually  phytochemicals that could help prevent Type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, also heart diseases and cancer, decrease the blood pressure and help balance a healthy body weight. Mostly, these polyphenols are found In the seeds and the skin of the plant. Also, in the avocado’s pit.

4. Improve your digestion. South American cultures have long ago used avocado seeds for gastrointestinal disbalances and problems with diarrhea.
The avocado seeds can also inhibit the growth of bacteria a protozoa responsible for disease. Ulcerogenic medication is also made from extracts from the leaf of the avocado plant.

To benefit the most from the avocado, it’s important to take the skin off in such a way that you don’t remove most of the valuable phytonutrients. A UCLA research study noted that the beneficial cartenoids are mostly concentrated in the darkest areas of the fruit which is closest to the inside of the peel.