This Is What Turns On Every Single Man on Earth !

If you think that a man can be turned on simply by seeing beauty lingerie, perfect curves and touches on his direct sensual zone, down his hips – you’re very wrong.

Even more, if you practice these touches down the hips, a man will think you’re a very easy minded person and will never take you seriously.

The male body, just as the female’s, has its own erogenous zones. Those are the zones of the skin that prompt love-making urges and good excitement when touched. 

Here we present the 7 most certain erogenous zones every single man (with honest and very rare exceptions) on Earth has.

The back of the neck

Sure, mostly you see on TV how girls are getting seduced this way, but have you ever tried doing the same thing to your man? This is probably the most grounded erogenous zone both genders mutually enjoy.

His lips

The very delicate skin the lips have is more likely to awaken intimate desires than other parts of the skin. Playing with the lips or simply touching them gently with your fingers can be a huge turn on for your man.

The face

Especially he soft skin on the cheeks and the tip of the nose can be very turning on for your man! There is a theory that every man falls for a girl like his mother, so possibly what turns them on here is the very early touches of love a mother nurtures all the time towards her newborn.

The ears

As you can probably say the same thing for yourself, you can say it for your man as well. he loves tickling touches, kisses and gentle whispers on his ear. Kissing the ending of the ear which feels like baby skin is a 100% turn on for them!

His butt

Especially the cheeks and the gentle skin on them is a turn on for man as it is for women as well.

His back 

A man’s beautiful and muscly back is something all girls would fall for, right? Well, it is a huge erogenous zone for man as well, especially the line where the spines is centered. Gently touch it with the tips of your fingers and glide through the whole. It will be a short time to notice how turned on your man is after this!

His whole skin

Basically, the skin is the most erogenous zone and if it is touched right, it can be an erogenous zone even on the hands!

Touches on the skin + some significant looks with a deep fire in your eyes and  there can be no misguided thoughts about where you and your partner should continue from that point on…



This is an extraordinary place where stroking, slapping, and gnawing is fitting.


Touch all his skin with your hands.


This area is often neglected and there are few erogenous zones on the back. Touching or massaging his back will make him go crazy especially if you do it by rubbing your body on his.

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