Brilliant Clothing Hacks For Your Worse Clothing Scenarios !

Women and clothing are so connected, clothes are probably invented historically just for them!

And for things to look even more complicated and hard to understand, many clothing styles invented are so much out of the reasonable borders of comfort and casualty. These things actually bother women even more, but still want to wear them so badly!

So, here are some amazingly usable everyday clothing tricks for the worse clothing nightmares in your life.

Some shoes are bought just for special occasions and afterwards, though you want to wear them again, they just aren’t made for everyday life and casual going out. Solve this problem with a simple trick

Put a different material over them and make them good suitable for casual get-togethers

You never know where you put your black tank top? Plus, there is never a way to properly fold them. Just solve this with a towel hook and hang all your tank tops on them

You save room, time and nerves and also, have more visibility in your closet

For a jammed zipper, just use soap! Rub it directly onto the zipper and it will make it slide once more.


The perfect jeans are so hard to find! If they look right in the back, you look like a bag in the front area. If they’re just right in the legs and the back, they are too loose in the waist…. Try sewing a piece of elastic in the back and wear your perfect jeans!

We never want our bra to be seen in the clothes we are wearing. That’s why the stick bra was invented, right? But there are some clothes in which even this bra can be seen. When you wear clothes with open sides

Just unclip the sticking bra and wear each piece vertically!

White sneakers are the best! Too bad they only last for 2-3 months!

Than they look as you’ve worn them for years! Solve this problem with adding piece of fabric on tom of them, gluing or sewing it. Ta-dam! You have new sneakers for the price of the old ones!

Before washing your clothes, who have make!

Up on them, such as white shirts, put shaving cream directly onto the spots and rub it gently into the fabric. And then you put them in the washer.

If you have put on some weight, but it’s only in your waist

Don’t buy new jeans! Just add a button, sewed on a piece of fabric like in the photo below.

You don’t have to buy a bag for every suit or dress in your wardrobe. just use an old pillow-case! Cut a hole for the hanger to pass through and you’re done!

Lint and fuzz is so annoying! For preventing this and making your sweater just as good as new – use a pumice

If you don’t like ironing – just throw in some ice cubes when starting the washer. It miraculously prevents wrinkles on the clothes!

If your feet get too sweaty – you can just use an everyday pad inside your shoes and don’t buy those expensive shoe pads, who just get smelly in a month as well…

Pretty useful tricks, don’t you think? Saves money and energy!

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