Men Can Literally NEVER Talk About This Fears!

It is commonly known that men are more closed than women. In many fields of life, women are more talkative and opened up, and men are the ones who need to be questioned if you want to know something more about them.

If you ever thought that men are fearless – that’s because of their closed-up character. They have so much fears, like all human beings do!

Here are their biggest fears which can never be mentioned with words and you would have to be a good “sensor” to sense them when they appear and prevail over your man:

Money issues

As traditional world claims, men are the ones bringing security in the household, while women take care of the children and the household. Though times have changed so much – this birth-given mark in the men’s blood is always present. That’s why they will always worry about the money issue more than women.

Other men are a threat

In the animal kingdom, men fight over woman, especially in mating season. In the world of human, men are jealous and cover their jealosy pretty well, until it hits them hard and they do something really stupid, like breaking up, starting a fight with major further issues, not asking and screen-playing a whole movie inside their head etc.


The society ideal of a man is him being taller than his partner. However, there are many cases where the girl is taller than the boy, or she is stronger and they’re the same size. Don’t be fooled – he’s definitely bothered by this fact!


Especially the pubic hair. If you thought that women were the ones obsessing with hair on places where it shouldn’t be and waxing, don’t think that men don’t do this. They just won’t mention this in front of their friends and colleagues like women do, and definitely not in front of their partner that they have a scheduled appointment for depilation the other day.

Little relationship (or sexual) experience

By far the most intimidating thing for a man is the fear his partner is not satisfied by him and that she has more experience when it comes to dating and sexual life.

Diet plan

Men also care about their figure and are aware that besides working out, they should also watch what they eat. However, you will never hear them discuss a diet plan with friends or with their partner.

How many partners his girl had before.

This is almost the same fear with being less experienced, however, in this field, he might have much more partners than his girlfriend previously, but couldn’t stand a “high number” if he wants to marry that girl. Boys will be boys, right?

Their bodies

As we mentioned, men spend so much time at the gym. Why else would they do this, if they don’t really care how they look like? Fashion industry has made so many body stereotypes, and the female population isn’t the only one who takes a hit by this.

Expressing emotions

If he’s drunk, or has an emotional crises, a man would be seen crying, yelling, calling friends to explain problems etc. they fear this so much, they even have nightmares about this things happening to them in their hangovers!

Their relationship

Last but not least, men care about their relationships. If they truly love their partner, they care. However, this is not very noticeable, because they don’t ask for relationship advices or constantly show their fears towards their girls.

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