12 Everyday Things To Make Your Skin Prettier In No Time

Who doesn’t want flawless skin? What we don’t want is to spend too much time and money to get there! The good news is, now you don’t have to. With ordinary kitchen items, you can transform your beauty regime to the extent that you get prettier skin almost instantly! What’s more, these ‘natural’ cosmetics come sans the side effects of those chemical ones, which means more tender loving care for your skin.

Check out these 12 everyday things that can instantly make your skin more beautiful than ever before:

1. Banana Peels

If you’re tired of acne and the topical creams just don’t seem to work, you should try bananas. This creamy, fleshy fruit acts as an acne cure and can even smoothen wrinkles! Just rub the inside of a banana peel where you have acne till the peel darkens. Now, let it stay for a while and then wash off with warm water. Do this for a couple of days. As for wrinkles, applying mashed bananas on the wrinkles should do it. Bananas are great for keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

2. Honey

Not a fan of bananas? Try honey then to get rid of pimples. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey can heal your skin from within (1). Slightly dampen your skin and rub some honey on the affected area on alternate days to see a visible reduction in blemishes!

3. Baking Soda

Exposure to pollution can lead to the development of dead skin cells. To remove them, you need a nice scrub, which is just what baking soda happens to be! Make a facial mask comprising of olive oil, honey, and baking soda to calm your skin and remove all dead skin cells in a jiffy. Repeat once every week. You can even cure yourself of eczema with a mixture baking soda and coconut oil (2).

4. Cucumber

Sunburns are inevitable in summer months! To cool your skin and treat the damage, apply a mask of cucumbers on your face. It’ll rejuvenate and hydrate your skin as well as reduce any sort of puffiness. To get rid of eye bags, you can put cucumber slices on your eyes.

5. Lemon

Another easy way to treat breakouts and lighten your skin at the same time is to rub some lemon on it. Lemon can also reduce greasiness so future breakouts don’t occur. However, lemon alone can be too harsh for sensitive skin. So, dermatologists recommend you mix it with ingredients such as yogurt, honey, sugar, olive oil, and cucumber to get the best effect.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an indispensable part of most women’s beauty regimes and with good reason. Healing in nature, aloe vera is both anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic and can even help prevent the onset of signs of aging . You can use aloe vera gel to clear dark spots and have an even complexion. Instead of buying manufactured gels though, squeeze some fresh gel out of an aloe leaf.

7. Potato

Forget fairness creams and beauty treatments. The best way to lighten your complexion and gain a soft glow is to scrub some potato on it! Well, actually potato pulp. Apply this to your face two times every day for best results. You can even remove dark circles by putting potato slices on your eyes.

8. Olive Oil

An excellent natural moisturizer, olive oil can also repair the cells on your skin and make you look radiant (4)! All you have to do is massage a couple of drops of this oil on your neck and face gently. Then you’ll have to cover your face with a warm towel for 40 seconds and after that wipe your face gently with a cotton ball.

9. Orange Peel

Not only can orange peel fight the archenemy, acne, but it can also refresh and nourish your skin due to its high vitamin content (5). To derive its benefits, you can prepare a mask made of orange peel and either yogurt or rose water. Apply this mask and keep it on for 15 minutes before washing off with cool water.

10. Green Tea

From reversing signs of aging to rejuvenating your skin and making it glow, there’s a lot green tea can do. You can make a facemask out of green tea, brown sugar, and cream to soothe your skin. Alternatively, you can also freeze green tea in the ice tray and use the cubes to clean your skin.

11. Milk

Cleopatra bathed in milk (with honey) to look as attractive as she did, so why shouldn’t you? Milk is rich in proteins, fats, calcium, and vitamins, which are essential for your skin. You can use milk as a natural moisturir-cum-cleanser. Just make sure you wash off after applying milk to your skin.

12. Toothpaste

Rounding up the list of acne fighters in this article, toothpaste can work wonders on your blemishes. You can either add it to your face wash or apply it on acne-prone spots to heal your damaged skin. Remember to let he toothpaste dry before washing it off. Also, be sure not to use toothpaste with ingredients such as triclosan, sodium fluoride, and lauryl sulfate as these are skin irritants.

Investing in expensive cosmetics is not necessary anymore! Try out the above beauty hacks to get beautiful skin without breaking the bank.