1. Cooking: If you cook while you are on your period, you are risking hurting someone. If you are asking why, the answer is simple- while cooking, you probably use a knife or have it somewhere nearby.

2. Exercising: During your period, you got get fat, just bloated. Once it`s over, you`ll be sexy and attractive again. So there`s no need for exercising and staining your workout clothes.

3. Eating chocolate as much as you can: Avoid this cliché, you don`t need to eat tons of chocolate just before you are having your period, it won`t make you feel any better. Don`t go crazy, eat a few candy bars if you a craving for something sweet, not a whole cake.

4. Watching romantic comedies: This is not the best choice for those days of the month, especially if you`re single. If you are in a relationship, you may miss being single, and vice versa, if you are single, you`ll probably feel lonely and sorry for yourself.

5. Using the cell phone: It`s very likely that you`ll end up calling your ex during this emotional period of the month. The mood changes, feeling alone and vulnerable, can make you do the worst mistake of calling your ex, begging him to get back together, crying, cursing him…

6. Getting out of the bed: During the first days of the period, most of the women feel terrible so the best thing is to stay in the bed. Also, you`ll feel very cranky, and no one would like to deal with you.

7. Fast food: Don`t go out and avoid fast food restaurant. During your period, you`ll probably like to eat tons of fried food, but you`ll only end up hating yourself, so stay at home and skip the burger and fries.

8. Running: The worst idea ever! This is not the time to burn calories. Instead of running across the park or down the stairs, stay in the bed and watch a movie.

9. Sit at all: It`s much better to lay than to sit, you`ll feel much better.

10. Thinking: Don`t put the brain through a pain, when your whole body is already in pain.

11. Housework: Leave the pile of cloths from the floor or from the kitchen cabinet where it is, it won`t get anywhere.

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