Before Bed Time Partner Rituals For Happy Relationship !

Seems like spending real quality time together is slipping away through our fingers, whether is with our partner, family or friends. Spending time chatting on the Internet and sending SMS or calling each other is simply not the real way of communication.

Before going to bed, you should “switch off” the world and spend time with your family and partner.

Here are some ideas modern technology might have made you forgot to do.

Discussing the good part of the day

Who wants to talk about stressful, bad and annoying stuff all the time? Even if bad things and nervous racks annoy you during the day, make sure at the end of the day you discuss the good stuff, because good plans and positive vibes are needed, especially between you and your partner, and especially before bed time, when your bed needs to relax and think about positive ideas.

Gaze into your eyes

During the process of eye gazing, a special connection is established, helping break down the barriers and misunderstandings. It is a balance-establishing process, where you subconsciously synchronize your heartbeats. Try to this at least for 3-5 minutes before falling asleep.

Cook together

Equality, positive vibes and bringing back good memories. That’s what spices and warm food cooked with love evokes.

Sing for each other

Not everybody is given the talent of good voice and intonation. However, you don’t need to be the next “America’s got talent” winner to occasionally sing for your partner. At the end of the day, writing poems and songs, and singing certain chorus of famous songs is what love inspires in all of us, right?

Try some silly old catchy dance moves

Did you know that dancing can maximize the cognitive functions of the brain? Plus, synchronizing body moves with your partner is an excellent exercise for mutual understanding and being together in the moment. It is another non-verbal way of communication and a great chance to start the eye-gazing, deep and meaningful.

Show gratitude towards your partner

Science proved that gratitude is an emotion of appreciation and a form of kindness. Expressing gratitude higher our positive and overall body vibrations on a more beneficial and celestial level. Plus, there are all sorts of ways of showing gratitude towards your partner: preparing a hot bath, a good-night snack, wearing his favorite pajamas etc.

Go to bed at the same time

Even if you don’t quite feel asleep but your partner does, make a sacrifice and leave some things for the other day. It is crucially beneficial for the intimacy and the warmth of the relationship to maintain going to bed at the same time. Even if you don’t feel asleep at the moment, that extra cuddling and hugging can actually do the trick and fall asleep like a baby.

Read to each other

Even if you read a book, or an internet article, make room in your thoughts for your partner and involve them in your ideas. It’s very good to think about the same stuff, especially before going to bed. You might save similar dreams as well.

Give each other a massage

A 10-15 minutes massage, irrelevant on which body part before going to bed can not only make your body more relaxed, but also, deepen your intimacy in the relationship.

Remember your early and good times together

Those innocent first looks and desperate tries to step into each other’s lives are priceless and you should always take a moment to remember them. First dates, first kisses, awkward moments…they are a priceless memory of every relationship. Make sure they don’t go away.

What is your habit before going to bed? What makes your partner and you more intimate and loving towards each other, especially before going to bed? Share some thoughts in the comments below?
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