Tips For a Lighter Skin On Your Pubic Area !

Don’t worry, this is not a medical issue – simply an aesthetic and cosmetic one. Every human being has darker skin on the pubic area and this is simply a genetic reason.

It is called hyperpigmentation, and its development is the cause of many factors, such as wearing polyester underwear, excessive sweating in this area, shaving and depilation.

However, there are a bunch of natural ways to lighten up the pubic area. I’m going to share some of them that I know.

Cucumber paste

Mix Aloe Vera gel with a squashed cucumber to make a paste, which you then apply on your pubic area and the best is if you let it stay over the night. This treatment you can do every day and expect changes in less than a month.

Aloe Vera

The gel extract from this plant is a natural skin lightener. Not to discuss the antibacterial and antiseptic properties it contains, which are also very important for the personal hygiene of the sensitive pubic area. You can just directly apply the gel from the leaf, which you get from cutting the leaf in half, right after taking a bath and cleaning your skin. Let it stay for an hour, and rinse it with cold water afterwards.


The papain which is contained in the papayas is an enzyme that bleaches the skin. It has an awesome other property too – promotes the growth of new skin cells! You can use it in so many ways, too. Apply a fresh papaya pulp on the area and let the juice dry there for half an hour. 

Also, you can do a paste from a ¼ cup of fresh green papaya pulp, honey, yoghurt (in the same amount) and some vitamin E oil. Massage this paste daily and let it stay for half an hour. Rinse it with cold water afterwards.

Lemon juice

The vitamin C and the acidic properties the lemon contains are great for removing dead cells of the skin surface. Also, this same acidic properties regenerate the skin at the same time. You can either directly apply the juice from the lemon onto the wanted area and let it dry.

You can either peel it off after drying or rinse it with cold water. Or, you can make a paste with yoghurt and honey, the same as with the papaya fruit and apply it on the same way. Just, be careful with possible inflammations that the lemon acid can cause to your skin.

Here are some extra tips on what to do to avoid darkening the skin on your pubic area:

  • Use a mild soap for pubic area hygiene
  • Wear cotton and breathable underwear
  • Use sunscreen while your bikini area is exposed to sunlight. Though you wear a bathing suit, the UV rays are very strong lately, which can cause extra darkening on your pubic area skin
  • Instead of shaving, wax of your pubic hair. It takes more time for hair to grow after being waxed off
  • Exfoliate your pubic area. In this way, you will get rid of the dead skin cells, promoting the growth of new cells
  • Drink more water to remove the toxins out of your body
  • Include more omega 3 fatty acids and green leafy vegetables. The omega 3 is crucial for maintaining a right tone for your skin

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