Put A Cabbage Leaf On Your Breast And You Will Be Amazed By Results!

I’ve seen my grandmother putting a cabbage leaf on her knees and ankles. “why you do it grandma?” – I asked. She answered that it’s the only thing that helps her with the swelling and rheumatism she felt in the bones.

But did you know that cabbage leaves are also used by some women to help reduce swelled breasts. Especially at the time while weaning a baby from breastfeeding.  Is it because the natural coldness the leaves preserve for a long time, or is it some active compound inside, researchers still can’t answer. The most important thing is that – it helps the pain and swelling.

So how and when to use this amazing natural treatment?

  • The cabbage should be fresh, but kept in refrigerator. That’s how the leaves will stay cool for a longer period
  • You never use the outer leaves, mostly because they’re too thin and can’t keep the coolness for a period of time
  • Clean the leaves one by one with running cold water
  • Place them directly onto your breasts, wrapping each breast with a cabbage leaf
  • It is very important to leave the nipples naked. You will allow the skin around them to stay dry and intact
  • Wear a bra just to hold them – you don’t have to lock it in the back
  • Leave the leaves until you can no longer feel the cold, than take them off

If you are still breastfeeding, or pumping for your baby, don’t continue with the treatment for too long. That might cause decreases in your milk and harm the natural process of breastfeeding.

After your breasts feel relieved and the swelling has gone for now, stop the treatment for a while. Repeat it continuously, but let time pass between treatments.