Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

A custom practiced since the dawn of time, palmistry is famously celebrated as predicting the fate of an individual through the study of their palms. A thousand years ago this practice was limited to Bedouin fortune tellers or those following the faith of Hinduism. However, today it is acknowledged and performed across the globe.

An experienced palm reader will focus upon several specific lines visible on the surface of your palms, each of which has its own special and distinctive significance. One of the cardinal lines to look out for is the heart line, or more popularly referred to as, the ‘love line.’  One of the deepest creases, it starts below your pinky finger, right from the edge of your palm. It is a tremendously special line for it is known to hold the secrets to your love life.

Some palmists may choose to put all their focus on one palm, trying to decipher whether you’re lucky enough to hold a significant or deep affection in your fate, whether your emotional state is simple or complicated and even what is destined in your life post marriage. Another more interesting association, however, is to compare the differences in the location of your love lines when you happen to contrast both palms.

So hold both your blessed palms together in an effort to gauge how your two love lines meet. Read on to know just what your future may hold for you:

1. If Your Left Palm’s Line Is Higher Than Your Right Palm’s

If you’re a soul who happens to possess a higher left love line, then you’re most likely an individual who has their love priorities sorted. You don’t need a significant other in order to feel happy and are usually annoyingly content being all by yourself. This is the reason why you don’t mind patiently waiting, regardless of the number of years, in order to search for true love. You’d rather sacrifice your today in searching for ‘Mr. Right’ instead of just succumbing to pressure and settling for any relationship simply because you were afraid of being branded single.

Generally, in your case, the saying “opposites attract” stands true. You’re fascinated and largely drawn to people who stand at the other end of your spectrum. It doesn’t necessarily have to be personality; it could also be a difference in cultures, nationalities, age or ethnicities that captivate you. Known for your admirable levels of self-confidence and bold attitude, you are a true rock in the worst of life’s storms. With your enviable determination, you easily sail through the worst of tides life has to offer and you can always be counted upon to persevere through all the difficult times in a relationship if you believe you’ve finally found that special ‘one true love.’